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Lace me up! [06 Sep 2009|12:49am]

I have been so desperate to find a size 8 (in MTL) pair of Doc Martens like this babies:

And, I have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can get them for cheap (not 300+ dollars) and also, is anyone selling a pair like this? I am mad interested. Thanks.


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[09 Aug 2009|07:54pm]

I was emilyismynameoh but I have a new username, obv. And I have another pair of doc martens for sale!

UK Size 5 Doc Marten Boots for auction on ebay
Starting price: £3.00

Click here!

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[21 Jul 2009|10:21am]

for sale:
size uk 4, black, 10 eyelet, steel toe, doc martens (if interested i can take photos)

feel free to ask questions and make offers
i can mail day of payment.
i accept paypal or concealed cash
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[08 Jul 2009|11:47am]
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew the style name of these dr marten boots. i would love to track them down but am having a hard time without knowing the style name.

any info on these like when they came out, where i can get them, etc. would be much appreciated!
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[04 Jul 2009|10:40pm]

Hey, I have two pairs of docs up for sale on ebay.
The starting price for both is only £3, postage is £4 within the UK.

Blue, 8-eyelet, uk size 5

Purple, 8-eyelet, uk size 4
Less than 2 days left! Still low prices!
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[29 Jun 2009|06:18pm]

would anyone be interested in a pair of size uk4, black, 10 eyelet, air wair with bouncing souls, doc marten boots? they currently have red laces in them.

i wore them a few times so they have a few small scuffs. besides that they're in awesome condition. they are too big on me so hopefully, they can find a better home.
if you need photos or other measurements i can take some.

i'll sell em or trade if you have a pair in uk3
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Dr Martens 1B89 Black Boots - Womens UK Size 8 [13 Jun 2009|08:58pm]

Dr Martens 1B89 Black Boots - Womens UK Size 8, EU 42, 10 US L, 9 US M, Nearly New Condition (worn once for 10 minutes), smoke free home, no box

Click to go to auction

Dr. Martens - 1B89 (Black) - Women's: Classic Doc Marten boot with brand name printed on sides; Made from the finest quality leather, pre-inspected for scars before construction. World famous Air Cushioned Sole with yellow drop stitching. Classic Dr. Martens grooved sole pattern. (Docs, Martins)

Selling because they are a bit big for me, but I am 7 - 7.5 foot size. They've been stored carefully at room temperature in a smoke free environment since I bought them. These boots are difficult to find and buy now - on just trying to find info and what the possible current new market value was, I had trouble finding these ones.




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[12 Dec 2008|11:51pm]

What are some websites that have good prices on Doc Martens? Thanks.
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[05 Nov 2008|03:14pm]

hrm anyone have uk 4 with 10 eyelets for sale? i figured i could ask before going out and spending a shit ton
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looking for boots! [04 Sep 2008|11:46pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hi there!

I wonder if anyone can help me, i am DESPERATE! i've been looking for the Dr. Martens - Mods Lace 14 Eye Zip Boot (White/Black Softy/Lace) in a size UK3. or here's a picture for better reference:

Dr. Martens have discontinued them to my everlasting distress and now i trawl the internets looking for anyone who might still stock them in my size. if anyone has any information i would really really...REALLY appreciate the help!!

much thanks,

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[29 Apr 2008|11:29pm]

So I recently just acquired a pair of Doc Martens. One shoe is nice and soft and smooth to the touch while the other shoe has a tacky residue on it around the toes. My question: how do I go about cleaning this apparent residue off? I've tried just rinsing with water, but I'm not sure if soap will destroy the leather. I've also tried googling how to clean leather, but I'm kind of wary about them, since it is mostly people talking about how to clean leather sofas and the like and with chemicals.

Even though this community seems dead, I figured I would ask here than other places because you guys would know better than others about what to do. Please advise, thanks!
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Three pairs of Docs for sale... [21 Jan 2008|10:32pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I have three pairs of Doc Martens for direct sale, all size UK6 / 39.

Click the pictures for a larger view - details of the boots' condition and price are below the pictures.

Shipping is from the UK - please ask me for a quote if you need the boots shipped anywhere else in the world!

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[09 Jan 2008|08:54pm]

Does anyone have any idea of anywhere in the UK that I can get hold of some womens DM Triumph 1914s? Beautiful, beautiful boots.
I first saw them in August in some Schuh in Dublin, and ever since, the Schuh website has been out of stock and the date keeps getting pushed back. And I can't find them anywhere else.

Cheers. x
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Soviet Union [29 Dec 2007|02:56am]

Hello. I'm new.

This may be a shot in the dark, but...

A friend of mine found a pair of docs at a thrift store. They are bright red with a yellow Soviet Union symbol on the toe and yellow stitching. They are a size 7 and in absolutely perfect condition.

We tried to find them online to see how much they are worth but I can't even find anything that proves these shoes exist.

Does anyone know anything about them or where I could go to find information? I believe they are vintage and apparently very rare.

I will post a picture in the very near future but for now my camera is out of service and I can't find a picture anywhere on the internet.

Thanks to anyone who can help!
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selling on ebay [06 Nov 2007|12:59pm]

i have two docs on ebay. please check them out.
more info behind the cut
Read more...Collapse )
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Showing off. [13 Oct 2007|09:09pm]

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Shiny rare Docs? [01 Oct 2007|09:36am]
Not sure if this is allowed here, so just delete it if it isn't.

I bought a pair of patent burgundy knee high (20i) DM's this weekend, they've been tried on twice, but  they've never really been worn.

They're a womens UK size 8 and they have that sort of stacked heel business going on, not like flat ones but the old school black sole variety.

They are very pretty, and very rare I'm led to believe by the nice man at the British Boot company in Camden road - as Doc's don't make this kind anymore.

Is anyone interested, or if not has anybody any idea how much they might be worth?

Thanks in advance for any help.

 - Kitty.
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Leak [30 Jul 2007|09:24pm]


A pair of Docs I've had for about a year, maybe a year and a half, have started to leak. They're well cared for, although they have been worn almost every day since I got them.
I walked through wet grass in them - I do that all the time and my feet have always stayed dry, until now.
I think the water might have got in along the seam of the leather and the outer sole, above the stitching... the insides are slightly soggy now.
Anyone know if I can do anything to stop this happening?

Also, any tips for getting intaglio ink stains off leather??

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[30 Jul 2007|09:05pm]

Hello there.

My boyfriend & I are big on docs, we both have a pair. Sadly, his aren't real. Does anyone know a website where I can get fairly cheap docs [way under $120] in a size 9 mens?

Thanks in advanced. <3
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Where can I buy.... [14 Jul 2007|12:10pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Where can I buy, or do they even make, Doc Martens footwear in a men's US size 17? My boyfriend reallllly wants some Docs but we can't even find any on EBay- Any suggestions?

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